Hungarian preparations in full swing

6 Aug. 2010

The AGRR industry in Hungary is full of activity in organizing Az Év Autóüvegezöje 2010, The Hungarian Master Fitter Competition 2010.

“Our participation during the International Master Fitter Competition 2008 was a big success”, says Péter Takács of the organizing committee. “Not only because of the silver medal we took home from Düsseldorf. Also the need to send a proper delegation to compete with our international colleagues gave a boost to the industry”.

The Hungarian competition will take place in Budapest on 11 September 2010. Detailed information is available on The website includes several video films looking back on the year 2008 events as well. International gold medal winner Jeff Olive can be found on the website as well. Says Péter Takács winking an eye: “We appreciate his contribution to our website very much. Perhaps he did not fully realize that we in Hungary have only one aim: to replace him on the 1st of October...”.
logo Hungarian Master Fitter Competition 2010 logo Hungarian Master Fitter Competition 2010