Plenty of tension during Italian Master Fitter Competition 2011

28 Nov. 2011

It took the 12 persons judging team 1,5 hour to decide, but finally the winner of the Italian Master Fitter Competition 2011 was announced: Michele Campotoro. His colleagues Antonio Lauro (2nd position) and Francesco Luciani (3rd position) were invited to be on the podium as well.

Nine new Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s were the direct objects during the competition held in Verona on 26 November 2011. The activities included a stone chip repair, the replacement of a front door window and finally the replacement of a windscreen. Especially the door window replacement was considered to be a complicated job, even for these best Italian technicians. And the judges considered their trials to be ‘a hell of a job’. Their deliberations forced up the tension till the very end of the annual event, organised by Associazione Professionisti Vetri per Auto APVA.

winners on platform winners on platform
briefing before start briefing before start
luncheon break luncheon break